A few of my favorite things

March 11, 2019, by Shaunacey Bonneville

Happy Monday!!

As one of the Canadian Blended Bloggers I feel someone obligated to point out that we spell favorite "favourite" here in the great white north.

Moving on... I'm tasked with sharing a few of my faves with you today (see what I did there? avoided any spelling preferences - I'm sneaky like that)... the challenge for me is picking my top items in all the world. I love a lot of things guys, a lot.

In an effort to narrow my focus, I'm going to share with you some of my faves as we enter into Spring (though, sadly, we've still got snow on the ground here).

1. Challenging myself physically - yes, you read that right and no, I never EVER in my life thought I'd be talking positively about working out but here I am. I'm currently involved in a fitness/lifestyle challenge c/o a super hilarious and motivating fellow Canadian (WomanUp Fitness) and I, for once in my life, am finding myself excited to workout and really push myself physically. I'm loving the challenging kick-butt workouts and recipes AND there are prizes at the end so the competitive me has taken over!

2. MARCH BREAK - today marks the start of our elementary school's Spring Break - I have taken a week off work and am hanging out with my oldest (almost 6 year old). I'm looking forward to some gal time with my biggest and sneaking in a trip (or two) to the mall to check out spring trends!

3. Audiobooks - this is nothing new for me but I'm constantly reminded how much I love audiobooks. As a mom of 3 small children I don't have time to sit down and read and feel like I need to constantly multi-task - enter audibooks. I can listen to books while I workout, cook, clean etc. Some of my lastest listens that I'd recommend: Sometimes I Lie (Alice Feeney), The Break (Katherena Vermette), Where the Crawdads Sing (Delia Owens), Five Days Left (Julie Lawson Timmer).

4. A bouncy castle - okay this is random and I apologize for all the small-child related faves, but this is my life. Last July we bought our 3 year old a bouncy castle and I've been recently reminded how amazing it is. Winter is long folks, REAL long around here and with three small people. This has been a life-saver. Seriously, all three of my kids will play in it for hours and then they're right tuckered and ready for a fight-free bedtime! SCORE! If you have kids under 5, you MUST have one of these.

I was going to go for 5 but dinner is almost ready and yup, you guessed it, the little people are calling me (truth: they've been calling me the ENTIRE time I've been at the computer lol)

So whether it's your favorite or favourite things, we'd love to hear all about them!
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